The Route

When we first started sketching the route from Munich to Singapore we basically chose countries we’d like to travel through, connecting them with more or less straight lines. Then very roughly measured the distances and added an extra 30% to the number of kilometers to get the estimated total distance, divided those by 50, which is the average distance we want to cover every day and got a beautifully round number of 354 days – almost exactly a year!

With this we could divide the route into months, which matters because we are warm weather cyclists and don’t want to get caught by the European winter.


After that we started taking a closer look and the first thing that struck us, was that we were heading straight over the alps in the very first days when our poor little leg muscles will not even have realized yet what is coming up to them.
The next correction we made, was driving through Turkey instead of the Ukraine, due to the political situation. For the same reason we decided to skip Pakistan and a detour through Afghanistan was not an alternative either. And because we did not want to get too far north in December (if we make it to stick to our schedule), the way through China was no better option. So we decided to just fly (or take a boat if available – we’ll see about that in Bandar Abas) over Pakistan and get back on the bikes in India. Also for climatic reasons and not without regret we lost the Himalayan countries Nepal and Bhutan and decided to fly directly to south India.
And because that saved us so much time, we just took a little detour in Europe over the Greek islands for a little vacation after the first two months on the bikes.


With that planned and written down, we are very aware of the slight possibility that we might slip a little from our path. And for you to enjoy our more or less successful attempt to stick to the route, we will keep a GPS tracker with us that will show the route we really ended up taking. So, come back for a good laugh!