Lena’s Bike

Since my current drive to work and around the city bicycle is around 6 years and 12.000km old, weights more than 20kg, has 2 working gears (out of 3) and a chain so rusty it’s just perfect for your average daily workout, it was an easy decision to get another one for the big tour.

The more difficult choice was the research and decision on what parts my new bike should have, because I had almost no clue what components a bike even consists of, let alone what they are good for and what different versions are best for my purpose. So I spend some good hours with my trusted experts who taught me everything about the wide variety of styles and brands that could be part of my new bike.

In the end I decided on the following components:

  • As material for the frame I chose Aluminum because it weighs less than a steel frame for than same money. It can’t be welded as easily as a steel one, but since we’re more the chillaxed cyclers, I figured that the risk of actually having to have it welded is a bearable one.
  • I wanted it to have a low Ladies’ entry so I won’t have to climb over the top bar and all of my luggage every time I get on or off my bike.
  • Rim brakes won over disc brakes, because they’re easier to maintain and the extra breaking power that disc brakes provide is mostly needed when driving downhill, which we try to avoid.
  • (Near) flat-less tires and an internal gear hub for fewer unplanned service stops
  • Extra strong rims and spokes came as an unthought-of extra from my friendly neighborhood bike trader Steffen.
  • Hub generator that produces enough energy to power the light and my phone with an integrated USB charger.
  • Elevated roadster Handlebar for that comfy upright sitting cruising feeling
  • And as coolest feature for a bike ever, a flashlight.

With that wish list I went searching for a shop who would sell me my perfect bike. Which was not so easy, but at least I got new recommendations on where to go and after 4 or 5 friendly vendors, who all sent me away I found the perfect place: Fahrradladen16. As if I wasn’t looking for anything out of the order at all, Steffen assembled my bike. This is what it looked like in the configurator:

Fahrrad Lena Konfigurator

And this is how I took it home after Steffen was done custom fitting the handlebar for me:

Fahrrad Lena wie abgeholt

Next, I’m gonna paint the whole bike to give it an individual touch and make it unsellable for potential thieves 😀 So, come back – it’s going to be fantastic! (I hope so)